What the bank does

The bank that is willing to grant this type of loan will take care of paying off the previous debt or debts. In fact, the customer will have to deal, from that moment on, or once the consolidation request is accepted, with a single interlocutor.

Before granting a loan, the bank will carry out an in -depth analysis on the customer, especially on his debt position. In fact, the lender is interested in knowing how much, overall, the debt deriving from the various loans credit assist.

The consolidation debt contract provides for the presence of the elements usually present in a loan agreement. Therefore, the data of the lender must never be missing, as well as interest rates, deadlines, amounts and number of installments. If present, the contract must also indicate the guarantors and insurance policies stipulated.

We refer to people hired with permanent contracts, not reported in the risk center and not identified as bad payers. The presence of a guarantor may be necessary in the event of the absence of some of these requirements.

Generally, those who resort to debt consolidation , in addition to obtaining a lower rate thanks to the extension of the duration of the loan and at subsidized rates, have the possibility of integrating the total due with an additional sum, in order to also obtain a part of liquidity.

This form of financing can be requested by both individuals and companies as it is an open procedure to anyone who can demonstrate that they can support the repayment plan.