Are Retrofit Locks Even Useful?

Have you had a door where you feel that you cannot insert any type of lock here, because of how damaged the keyhole has become, and you have to replace the whole section of the lock?

Retrofit locks are one of the most convenient locks of all time if you consider a situation like the question mentioned above. If you have a cut out of a lock that you wanted to place on your door, or anywhere that you want to lock, a Retrofit lock would fit directly into the surface and you don’t have to worry about buying anything else.

Does retrofit locks have weird keys?

It is a common misconception that retrofit locks have a square key or a circular key, which is somehow weird and does not go well with your door. The thing is, retrofit locks are secured with number combination features that allow you to keep a three-digit code which would help you in opening the lock.

This three-digit code is one of the most important things in a retrofit lock, and the company that you brought your retrofit lock from, also provides you with a master key that would help you in opening the lock if you forget the combination.

Since retrofit locks are mechanically operated they do not have the clicking mechanism that is necessary for a thief to open your number combination lock. This makes retrofit locks even more secure than anything else because of the fact that they are impenetrable, without the master key. They are certainly one of the most secure locks in the world.