Best Microphones In Singapore

The  phones and laptops usually have built-in microphones that we utilize for communication. For podcasting, streaming gaming, or work, some of us utilize higher-quality mics. We evaluate sound quality and crispness, pick-up pattern, and sample rate while selecting these microphones. Which microphone is the best in Singapore, given the wide range of microphones available? They  put together a list of the Top 3 Microphone  Singapore that you might like!

  • PRO-MASTER HIGH-QUALITY UHF Wireless Microphone PM-88: It comes with 4 microphones and has a 1-year warranty. The special features of this product include wired or wireless settings, microphones, and controls, which can be used for home entertainment and audiophiles.

Cost: $1200.0

  • PREMIER UHF Wireless Microphone PRU-8208: It features an RF Frequency Range of 800 to 860 MHz, a Receiving Sensitivity of 105 dBm, Image and Spurious Rejection less than 70 dB, Border Upon Channel Rejection less than 70 dB, T.H.D larger than.5%, Audio Output Level 0+ 300mV, and Power Requirements AC 110 240 V / 50 Hz 60 HZ. This kit also comes with a handheld transmitter having 9 V DC power requirements.

Cost: $79.00

KARSECT UHF Wireless Microphone KRU-300: It has an RF Carrier of 460.860 MHz, an Operating Range of 100 meters under typical conditions, a THD of 1%, a Mobile Range of >100dB, Power Requirements 1 of 20V/230V AC adaptor with 2.1 mm female plug, Power Requirements 1218 V DC nominal, Signal / Noise Ratio > 85 dB, Border Upon Channel Rejection > 70 dB, Image & Spurious Rejection > 70.