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DACUM Institute Schedule

September 22-26, 2014
Columbus, OH
Hosted by CETE/OSU

November 3-7, 2014
Columbus, OH
Hosted by CETE/OSU

January 26-30, 2015
Columbus, OH
Hosted by CETE/OSU

March 9-13, 2015
Columbus, OH
Hosted by CETE/OSU

Registration fee is $1,550 USD.

The cost of an on-site DACUM Job Analysis is $3,800 plus the facilitator's travel and per diem costs.  

The cost of hosting a week-long DACUM Training Institute is based on the number of people you wish to have trained.  For example, the cost to train 6 people is $13,335, plus the instructor's travel and per diem costs.  

Participants will receive a DACUM Handbook, PowerPoint presentation, DACUM chart templates, and other handouts, plus cetification as a CETE/OSU DACUM Facilitator.



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