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Who Should Attend? 

The DACUM Training Institute is designed for school, college, company, and other workforce development program or course designers, training coordinators, trainers, curriculum specialists, educational specialists, and human resource development specialists. 


1. Failure to teach What should be taught (the latest concepts and methods) 

2. Teaching What should not be taught (outdated concepts and processes)

These "What errors" cheat your students/trainees and the taxpayer/company. 

DACUM is a quick, low cost, and very effective process for significantly reducing these errors.


Benefits of the Institute:

The week-long training institute is designed to prepare you to be a successful DACUM facilitator. You will:

  • Learn key elements of the DACUM process - learn how to use DACUM effectively- acquire facilitation skills - learn how to obtain panel comments and clarify panelists' statements with probing techniques.
  • Obtain practice - use the DACUM process to practice analyzing a job and receive mentoring and feedback from a trained facilitator.
  • Conduct your first actual workshop with a team of new facilitators under the guidance of a highly experienced facilitator.
  • Receive Certification as a DACUM Facilitator - recognizes you as having successfully completed an Ohio State DACUM facilitator training.

DACUM - Related Services:

Are YOU interested in learning how to use the results of DACUM to develop curriculum materials and training programs successfully both in education and training settings? Because the DACUM process, when correctly implemented has proven to be a reliable and efficient method for competency identification, the Center offers a variety of DACUM-related services supporting and including, the development of curriculum materials.

Also, the Center offers its services to conduct workshops on SCID (Systematic Curriculum and Instructional Development), including task verification, standard task analysis, performance standards, learning guide development, and various other aspects of curriculum development, once the job performance requirements have been defined by DACUM or other means.



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