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SCID (Systematic Curriculum and Instructional Development) 

SCID is complementary to the DACUM workshop.  It basically answers the question, “How can you teach most effectively what needs to be taught?"  SCID is a systematic process model used to develop curriculum and instructional materials needed to train tomorrow’s workforce.  It has repeatedly worked very well for many schools, colleges, companies, and government agencies.

Download an example of the SCID Process Model and the DACUM & SCID Process Flow Chart.

SCID Workshop Activities

During the 5-day workshop, participants will engage in large group presentations, small group discussions, and individual hands-on practical exercises and activities.  A variety of instructional methods are utilized to provide hands-on opportunities in the knowledge, skills, and behaviors of the SCID process of instructional design.

Participants are able to learn:

  • Procedures for training needs assessment
  • Specific procedures for task verification
  • Specific procedures for standard task analysis
  • Factors to consider in designing instructional programs
  • Guidelines for developing learning objectives
  • Guidelines for develop instructional media
  • Procedures for developing learning objectives
  • Procedures for developing performance measures
  • Key components of a training program plan
  • Procedures for developing learning guides/aids
  • Procedures for identifying existing materials
  • Specific procedures for conducting field tests and field critiques
  • Procedures for formative and summative program evaluation.

What Will Participants Receive?

Participants will receive a copy of the 400+ page SCID Handbook; copy of the accompanying PowerPoint Presentation; computer templates for task verification, task analysis, learning guides, learning aids; and other handout materials.

What Will Participants Achieve?

Participants will acquire knowledge, skills, and behaviors through small group hands-on experiences.  These will enable them to develop competency-based instructional materials such as Competency Profiles, Learning Guides, Learning Aids, Job Aids, Modules, Curriculum Guides, and Lesson Plans.  On-on-one mentoring is provided throughout the workshop.

These materials will be useful for secondary and post-secondary career and technical education, business-industry training, as well as for government agencies’ training programs.

At the end of the workshop, participants will have developed two learning packages that incorporate the SCID methodology and that are ready to use.



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